TS43X Production Schedule

Thank you for your support! Talon Sei and the DCA Team are very excited to get these beautiful pistols into your hands. We will be working through the preorder list as quickly as possible. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Please note, the order numbers may not ascend in a linear manner due to your order number being created at the time the pistol was added to your cart, not at the time the order was placed. We'll update this page monthly with the order numbers that are to be produced.

If you did not purchase an RMSc with your order but would like to add one, please email sales@dangerclosearmament.com with your order number.

Production #1

Order # TS#

5765      1

5768      2

5781      3

5782      4

5784      5

5785      6

5807      7

5855      8

5858      9

5860      10