Chamfer cover plate will align with your slide top and sides when your slide is chamfered (edge beveled)

DCA Glock RMR Cover Plate

TS19 Match Barrel

TS19 Match Barrel

DCA Glock 19 Select Match Barrel

Barrels feature a fully supported match chambering and are rated for +P. This is a drop in product and will not require any gunsmithing.

Compatibility: Gen 1-5

Threading: 1/2x28

Material: 416R Stainless Steel

Finish: Stainless

Twist Rate: 1/10

Drop in: Yes

Rifling: Cut rifle broached

Bore Finish: 2-4Ra

Throated and Polished: Yes

Yes Bore concentricity: +/- .0005"

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DCA Glock 19 Select Match Barrel
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