FAQ & Contact Info

What is your current lead time?

Our current lead time is estimated at 14-16 weeks for DCA Custom Shop orders. Slide milling/refinishing only options are estimated at 2-3 weeks. Black nitride/Multicam Cerakote/TiN Coating may increase lead time. Please note, this is an estimate and is subject to change without notice.

Do you service/make parts for my pistol brand/model?

All brands/models serviced by DCA are currently listed on our website.  We do not "prototype" on customer parts.

How do I ship my firearm/parts to you?

Please see our Shipping Information page. This will detail how to send your parts/firearm and how they will be sent back to you.

You can reach out to DCA via email at info@dangerclosearmament.com


To make an appointment to come by the shop, please visit our Appointment Scheduler.

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