RTS CZ P10c Carbide

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Our Ready to Ship (RTS) options allow Danger Close Armament to pick the options and allow you to bypass our build time.  We build each pistol with the same expertise seen in our DCA Custom Shop and provide the most popular options as standard.  RTS pistols will feature frame work (stippling/texturing) and slide work (CNC machining/milling) along with coatings and DCA parts when applicable.  The end result is a firearm you can bet your life on.  Please note, modifications cannot be made to these pistols as they are already complete and ready to go out the door!

Model: CZ P10 Carbide

Frame Package: Carbide

2 Tone Frame: Grey

Frame Options: N/A 

Slide Milling: Signature

Optic Ready: No

Optic Included: No

Parts & Accessories: N/A

Barrel: TiN Coated

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