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Cerakote is a durable paint used to refinish your components in a color that you select.  Unlike other paints, Cerakote goes on extremely thin and is cured in an oven.  Once curing is complete you have a highly durable and chemical/corrosion resistant finish that will provide you with years of service.  We use the Cerakote H-Series of paints.  Colors can be seen on the Cerakote website here.

Please read for explaination of how to use this builder:

  • Information for each option can be seen by interacting with the option title ("Model" etc).
  • On mobile, click on the option title.  On desktop, hover over the option title and you'll see a short description and a picture if applicable.
  • You'll only be charged for the options you select.
  • Current lead times are listed below and are accurate.  
  • Once you've added your order to the cart, please see our Shipping Information page.  This will detail how to get your parts to us (when applicable) and how they will be returned to you.

Lead times:

Single Color Cerakote - 2-3 weeks

Multicam - 4-6 weeks

Special Order Color ("Other") - Add up to 1 week

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